Car Gallery 13

2020 Polaris Slingshot R Pete & Beckey Dasis

This is a 3-wheeled vehicle that is classed as a motorcycle because of having only 3 wheels and not 4. The other more common unofficial class for these types of vehicles are auto cycles.

This is a 2nd generation Slingshot. First gen ran from 2014-2019. That gen ran a GM 2.0 or a 2.4, 4 cylinder engine that produced 173 HP at 6200 RPMS. It only came in a 5 speed manual transmission. The new Slingshot runs a Polaris 2.0, 4 cylinder engine that produces 200 HP at 8500 RPMS. Curb weight comes in at 1654 lbs. You can either get a 5 speed manual or a 5 speed automatic transmission.

The front tires are 225/45R18 and the back is a whopping 305/30R20. It has a 9.77 gal fuel tank and gets 26 MPG. It has a 7 inch display/radio that has navigation. It has a tinted 7.5 inch windscreen, 100 watt Rockford speaker system. The suspension is Independent, Double Wishbone with Forged Aluminum Control Arms. It also has a Slingshot mode for driving if you choose for even more performance.

It really drives like a super charged go cart and the handling is remarkable as it being so low to the ground.

photos by Will Glover Photography   @willgloverphotography